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lovett_helena's Journal

Helena Bonham Carter
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A community dedicated to the lovely Helena Bonham Carter; you can post any Helena related things.
♥;This is a community dedicated to the amazing Helena Bonham Carter

♥;Helena Bonham Carter
She may have dazzled you with her performance as Mrs.Lovett in Sweeney Todd, or brought out your inner evil in Harry Potter: Order of the Pheonix.You may have been a fan as early as A Room with a View or Frankenstein to Sixty Six.Whatever it may have been she is still amazing everyone every day with her wonderful performances.

♥; Please feel free to post all your Helena graphics & news & pictures.If you are posting graphics feel free to tag as !graphics: icons, wallpapers, banners (or whatever else), news with !news: (date), and photos with !photos: (event).Please do share all photos, magazine scans or anything else you'd like.Please post kindly, no spaming, and enjoy.For pictures that may be extremely large please use a livejournal cut or leave a link to the source. Also, if you have any fan experiences feel free to share with us!
(please use lj cuts or links for long posts, or with graphics)

♥;Upcoming Projects
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (NOW PLAYING) ---- Dark Shadows (IN PRODUCTION) ---- Great Expectations (PRE-PRODUCTION)

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